Meet The Founder

My Story

My name is Nikki, I am 20, a full-time uni student, and my story begins when my parents came from Sri Lanka to Australia with only $100 and a dream to give us a better life. Like many of us, I was raised in a community where women predominantly had straight hair - putting a great toll on fitting in. As the years went by, I felt more and more pressured into fitting into a society where straight hair was considered more "beautiful". It seemed as though individuals with curlier hair were undervalued; with workplaces and schools often reiterating wearing natural curly hair out as being "unprofessional" or "untidy".
It was evident they had failed to recognise a lack of products on the market that cater to such thick beautiful hair. Due to this problem faced by many people, I made it my mission to start Ovegan, so you can go about your day confidently rocking your curls.
- Nikki Fernando